Chapter 7: Conclusions

After the latest additions the interactive digital media graph looks much more like its non-interactive media counterparts.


IDM3It is not perfect yet, interactive fiction and digital experiences need further exploration which cannot be done until more examples are available.

Nonetheless, if you agree with this initial categorisation and why it is useful for everyone involved then there are a few things that need to change:

  • Developers need to start thinking, talking, designing and developing using these mediums
  • Developers need to demand more mediums/categories from digital media distributors
  • Developers and digital media distributors need to start making more money

When something makes more money it stays, cynical yet true. A note that I don’t wish to end on, but there is nothing else to say.


  1. I find the concept of “Interactive digital media” interesting in that it shuts up the debate of what is a “video game” and what is not, by simply replacing its terminology. Some people (like me) would tend to consider both terms to define the same thing, but I can understand that people would only pick one or several sub-categories of your graph to define what video games are.


    • I would outright say many people consider both terms (digital game and interactive digital media) to mean the same thing. Problem is, as a generic term “game” should not have any specific additional meaning. For instance, vehicle isn’t a synonym for all transportation machines and cars. That would just be weird.

      Unfortunately this is how some people do use the word (game, that is, not vehicle!) so if it naturally ends up meaning all forms of interactive digital media then we still need a new term for “traditional game” (traditional interactive digital work, eh?) like chess, football, Pac-Man, etc. Calling these titles games, and nothing else, would be like calling all written mediums novels and then on top of that calling all, well, novels novels. This would also just be weird.

      I try not to use the word game when talking about my own projects (even if I happen to be making a decision making competition). It is not useful to use a generic word to talk about a specific thing.


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