Chapter 2: Media categories

Now that mediums have been established, we should start categorising them. This helps us understand how mediums differ from each other and to see the conundrum concerning interactive digital media.

Here is one way to categorise (non-interactive) written media.WrittenMedia


A genre could be defined as:

A unique collection of styles, tropes and intentions.

The chosen medium sets the technical confines on what the developer can do, while the genre helps them with what they want to do.

Genres for different mediums mean slightly different things even if their name is the same. A horror novel reaches its conclusion differently than a horror poem.

Back to categorisation. Here a similar looking graph for (non-interactive) video media.


Why would it look different?

And lastly we can go up a level and include all possible non-interactive media under one category.


There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of mediums in this category, so it is not actually that useful a term, apart from situations like this!

Interactive digital media is nearly as broad a term, I can count non-digital interactive mediums on one hand after all. So what do you expect the category to look like? Similar per chance?



What happened here? Where are all the other mediums?

Why does interactive digital media all of a sudden defy categorisation? Is it useful to only have one medium?

Think about these questions and then move on to the next chapter.

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